On this page, you can download and see official reports and websites where the benefits and the content of Shilajit are explained, investigated and analyzed.

Shilajit: An Ancient Panacea

Mohammed Aamir Mirza, International Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Review and Research

2010 India

Therapeutic Potentials of Shilajit Rasayana

P. Mittal, International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research,

2009 India

Complement-fixing Activity of Fulvic Acid from Shilajit and Other Natural Sources

Igor A. Schepetkin, Montana State University

2009 United States

Mumijo Traditional Medicine - Fossil Deposits from Antarctica

A. Aiello, Agrotechnology and Food Innovations

2008 The Netherlands

Shilajit: A Review Inter Science

Suraj P. Agarwal, The Phytotherapy Research

2007 India

Shilajit - a Materia Medica monograph

Robert Talbert, California College of Ayurveda

2004 United States

Chemistry of Shilajit, an immunomodulatory Ayurvedic rasayan

Shibnath Ghosal Banaras, Hindu University

1990 India